To my friends who are laughing at me: Shut the hell up.

Yes, I know. I hate blogs. "Wait a second then," you say, "What the frack is this then?" What can I say? I had a one-eighty. No, not a three-sixty, because that would imply that I am then facing back where I started, which is not the case.

"Shut the hell up!" you scream in shock, "Stop avoiding the issue with your semantics and get on with it!" Fine then. This is how this ground-breaking change in the universe happened: I was discussing blogs with my friends at Uni and I kept saying "blogs are shit, they're the trash of the internet, full of rubbish that nobody cares about." I was told that "yes, some blogs are written by whinging kids that should shut up but some can be quite good!"

Well, this got me thinking. I prided myself on not reading shitty blogs that I asserted contained useless crap like "I got to eat food and... uhhh... do stuff yesterday... yeah" and "Im soooo sad manz, Im pining for this lyk grl manz." Then I realised, "shit, I already read blogs and they aren't crap!". Although not formally called blogs, it struck me that the front pages of Penny Arcade, and Ctrl+Alt+Del are really blogs. And they are not shit.

Then, because I'm a stubborn bastard that doesn't like to change, I thought "nah, nobody would read the stuff I wrote so what's the point?" I was then informed that somebody would read my blog and they were also useful for storing cool things you think of and searching for them later.

So that, plus a whole bunch of whinging from Dwain and the prospect of actually writing the blog functionality myself in PHP, got this blog started. I'm not promising to write all the time, but maybe this would be a good place to rant about DRM or extol the virtues of... well, things that need their virtues extolled. What do you want from me?? :)

"PHP," you say, "You're going to write this in PHP? Why? Just download a blogging software!" The short answer to that statement, which should be a question ("Enough with your semantics!" you scream), is "'sif use some crappy software." The long answer is not only will developing the blog function in PHP be a useful project for me to teach myself PHP with, but it will (hopefully) end up with a useful module for my business's CMS (Content Management System).

As you can probably guess, this page is NOT generated by PHP. This is simply a stand in plain HTML blog to shut up Dwain until after the exams when I can actually sit down and write the real deal. So no comments section, no archive, and no searching until then.

Shut the hell up. :)