This page showcases some of the programs, libraries and utilities that I have written. Some of them were written before I was properly trained as a software developer, so their code (if you were able to see it) is nasty, but they still work as they are supposed to. Others have been written more recently and as such are a better example of my skills.

DigitallyCreated Utilities

DigitallyCreated Utilities is set of open source libraries that contain some simple (and not so simple) utilities and extensions developed in C# that make working in .NET easier. There are classes to help when working with LINQ, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC and Unity Application Block. There are also some nice extensions that replace missing functionality in the .NET Base Class library, and some utilities that enable you to write concurrent (threaded) applications more easily.

Sleep Display

Sleep Display is a small Windows application that simply puts your monitors into their sleep mode either immediately or after a certain amount of time. It can be used via its GUI or via the command line.


ID3CL is a tiny C++ application that lets you change the ID3 tags of an MP3 file. ID3CL is used only from the command-line and as such it can be used very easily from a scripting environment.


I got given a nice pair of CD drawers for my birthday and since the CDs in the drawers were numbered, I wrote CDIndexer to help me search through all 320 CD slips for the exact CD I wanted.
In essence, CDIndexer is a searchable database of all your CDs, indexed by number. I, and some friends, have found it incredibly useful finding that one CD out of all the hundreds you own quickly.